Star of the Week Awards - Spring Term 2017/18

Stars of the Week - Week 3 - 22nd to 26th January 2018

Class Student of the Month
Y6 Amelia Locke
Y4 Aiden Donaldson
Y3 Josh Lilley
Y2 Henry Smith
Y1 James Millard
FS2 Elise Murdoch
Class Citizen of the Month
Y6 Pyper Harrison
Y5 Mason Bullas
Y4 Aron Tunstill
Y3 Alfie Harrison
Y2 Kelsey Hartley
Y1 Anya Murdoch
FS Sonny Edwards
  Other Awards
Headteacher's Award Katie Bradley in Y5
  Pupils who took part in Wath Basketball Competition
  Pupils who achieved LBTQ training from Barnardos
100% attendance Class 1 & Class 6

Stars of the Week - Week 2 - 15th to 19th January 2018

  Headteacher's Award
  The West Melton Primary School Choir
for their fantastic effort, performance and behaviour at the Young Voices concert.
Class Stars of the Week
Y6 Amelia Locke
Y5 Jasmine Gettings
Y4 Nathan Rose
Y3 Josua Lily
Y2 Mckensie
Y1 Kaitlyn Green
FS2 Dylan
Class Dojo Award Certificates
Y6 Karyss Nowell
Y5 Mira Dimitriov & Maisy Marshall
Y4 Georia Machen
Y3 Lucas Tomes
  Other Awards
  Well done to Melissa Sykes for her swimming achievements.

Stars of the Week - Week 1 - 8th to 12th January 2018

Class Star of the Week
FS1 Poppi Hare
FS2 Anna-lise Hare
Y1 James Millard
Y2 Dylan Parkin
Y3 Lily Rose Rawson
Y4 Daniel Gettings
Y5 Scott-Lee Christmas
Y6 Josh Edwards
Class Dojo Award Certificates
Y3 Josh Lilley
Y4 Kye Grubb