News Gallery 2018/19

Year 5 at Grimm & Co

The Y5s had a magical time at Grimm & Co, discovering many mysterious and intriguing things, inspiring them all to produce some amazing writing.

Year 6 at Eden Camp

Year 6 enjoyed their day out of school to officially set their topic 'Blackout' rolling.

They immersed themselves in the sights, smells and sounds of World War II during their memorable experience at Eden Camp.

Year 4 at Cusworth Hall

The Year 4's had a fantastic day at Cusworth Hall, experiencing what it would be like to be a child in Victorian times.

Year 2 at Wentworth Woodhouse

The Y2s had a great day exploring Wentworth Woodhouse and finding out about the lives on Earl 'Billy' Fitzwilliam and his wife, Lady Maud. They also explored the village too.

Reviewing our School Vision

During our recent teacher training day, the staff worked hard to review our school vision of 'striving for success with pride and happiness' and the impact of the many actions, opportunities and events that our pupils have participated in last year.

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