Curriculum at West Melton Primary

Curriculum Statement

At West Melton Primary School we believe that our children should have the opportunity to experience the curriculum through real experiences and make valuable long lasting memories throughout their time in school in our care. The skills and attitudes which are developed in this way promote a joy in learning that we hope will continue through for life. We provide a broad, balanced curriculum for all our pupils, at all stages of their development. We do this by teaching the full range of subject areas through the Development Matters in Foundation, and choosing the appropriate teaching methods to take account of the wide variety of learning styles of our children. At West Melton we believe every child should be taught the skills of each subject in the depth needed to be able to apply these skills in different activities taught and develop lifelong skills for learning.

At West Melton Primary we provide an engaging and exciting curriculum through using a "hook" for learning, planning deeper thinking opportunities linking to the skills and knowledge taught in each year group. There is a progression of skills throughout each year group so children are taught how to broaden and develop these skills further. English and mathematics are taught daily with 2 hours minimum of quality PE per week. We follow the 2014 new curriculum throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Our curriculum staff teams ensure that there is progression of learning and skills throughout each year group and monitor our curriculum development, ensuring that each child accesses and engages with our school curriculum.

Specialist teachers teach languages, PE and music each week to broaden the children's skills further in these areas. This is planned between us as a school and with Wickersley Partnership Trust.

The West Melton Primary School - Whole School Curriculum Overview 2018/19 is available to download.

Aims of our Curriculum

Our overall aim is that children love to come to school as they cannot wait to see what they are learning next. At West Melton we provide a rich and exciting learning environment which raises and celebrates all subjects and skills and builds upon what the children already know.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states that: all children are entitled to a curriculum that provides rich opportunities for them to learn and achieve. We provide a curriculum that gives opportunities for children to build upon their strengths, interests and experiences and develop their confidence in their own ability to learn independently and work collaboratively.

All of our curriculum polices can be found in the 'policies' section of our website.

School Curriculum

RE Year Group Coverage

How you can help your child

For help with Maths and English, we suggest using these games to play to help with your child's learning:

Maths English
Interactive 100 square Spelling game
Guess the number game Phonics resources
Visual place value
(understanding the value of each digit in a number)
Adding numbers within 20  
Mental maths practise  
Learning double facts  
Telling the time  
Coins Game  
Multiplication and Division Bingo  

Our Curriculum in action ...

Some of our talented young artists at West Melton, developing their artistic techniques using different brush effects for paint.