Class FS - Miss Key (FS1) / Mrs Arnold (FS2)

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Mrs Arnold and Miss Key would like to welcome you to our exciting Foundation Stage Unit.

What are we learning? - Autumn 1 Term 2018/19

Stuck in the mud!

As readers we will ... be focusing on phase 1 and 2 phonics. We will also be meeting our reading characters and having a go at answering different types of questions using these.

As scientists we will ... investigate, research and learn about the types of animals that live on a farm. We will discuss animals and their young.

As geographers we will ... look at where plants grow best and why. We will compare and contrast English growing conditions to other areas within the world.

As historians we will ... look at farming equipment and how it has developed over the years.

As writers we will ... be writing labels, lists and captions for the texts that we are reading. We will be using our independent writing skills in all our learning areas. We will write our own story based on Farmer Duck, Stuck in the Mud and Little Red Hen.

As mathematicians we will ... be learning to count to 5/10 and 20. We will be measuring different items and discussing if we think they are light or heavy.

As artists and designers we will ... be very creative! We will create camouflage pictures by looking at animal patterns and making our own prints. We will create moving farm scenary and split pin animals.

In R.E we will ... begin to explore ourselves. We will be asking 'Who am I?' We will also begin to explore the harvest festival and where our crops come from.

As Responsible Citizens we will ... learn about being different. We will explore different food and traditions. We will also learn about the right to have food.

As Enterprising Learners we will ... be reflective learners. We will look at our work and think what we have done well and how could we improve next time.

We will celebrate our learning by ... starting our own learning journey books and learn to be proud of our work.

Our EYFS Parents Narrative - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is available to download.