Class 5 - Mrs Hanley

Welcome to our Year 5 webpage

Hello, I'm Mrs J Hanley and together with teaching assistants, Mrs K Corker and Mrs H Wydell, we would like to welcome you to Year 5 and our classroom. We will work hard to provide a calm, positive and cheerful place to learn and grow.

A bit about me, I'm an experienced teacher who trained and taught in New Zealand for ten years. My daughter and I relocated back to my home town of Rotherham in 2016 to be nearer to my family and for Kate to attend university in the UK. We both support Rotherham United Football club and enjoy a range of sporting activities, including skydiving!

I have a passion for science and maths. It is my goal to encourage the children of West Melton Primary to be curious about their world, carry out a range of investigations to develop their practical skills, and increase their knowledge through hands on and engaging activities. As the lead teacher for Science and the Humanities, I'm looking forward to facilitating exciting opportunities to explore and experiment.

In Year 5, we are learning to be more independent learners by developing our resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness. As a team, will be helping each other to achieve these goals and together we will strive to learn with pride and happiness.

Reading books: Please help at home by listening to your child read at least 3 times a week. If this is recorded in their planner or on the window, children who read 3 times a week consistently can win prizes. Please remember - they have to be in it to win it!

Spellings: Spelling will being sent out each Friday in your childrens' learning logs and will be tested the following Friday. Short, regular practices at home are most effective at boosting word knowledge and confidence.

Homework: This is in a menu format at the start of term for 6 weeks and will be presented, displayed and celebrated on return. Children need to complete 1 piece of homework from the menu each week.

PE: This term, school based PE is on a Tuesday and will require P.E kit to be worn. We will be swimming on Fridays and the children must have the appropriate kit listed on the letter sent home at the end of last year.

Contacting me: I am nearly always available to talk to after school and if there are ever any issues, do not hesitate to ask. You can also message me via Class Dojo, student planner or by leaving a message at the office. I will endeavour to answer your questions promptly.

I am really excited to join the West Melton School community and looking forward to watching and helping your children grow!

Home/school Reading Rewards

Here are our first Y5 pupils who are delighted to have achieved 5 full weeks of our home/school reading challenge, receiving their first prize.

Thanks to parents for their support with this.

They are all looking forwards to achieving their next prize.




What are we learning? - Autumn 2 Term 2018/19

Mysterious Mummies!

As Readers we will ... Continue to develop our reading skills and read a variety of books and writing including fiction and non-fiction for pleasure. We will use internet search engines to find out about the ancient Egyptians. We will read both fiction and non-fiction texts linked to the ancient Egyptians using these where possible as inspiration for our writing. We will also have a class reading book that links to the ancient Egyptians that we will read regularly for pleasure.

As Writers we will ... Write various genres of writing. Initially we will be writing descriptive pieces by describing character and places, using the story of Isis and Osiris as a stimulus. Then we move on to explanations - focusing on how and why mummification was carried out. We will use information obtained from a range of source including: Western Park Museum, non- fiction topic books and relevant websites. We will use a wider range of spelling and grammar to enhance our writing; including grammar such as modal verbs, parenthesis and relative clauses. We will also continue to edit and up levelling our own writing using feedback from peers and adults. We are developing our cursive handwriting and presenting work to the highest standards.

As Geographers we will ... Extend our knowledge and understanding of the location of Egypt. To achieve this we will look at the places the characters in our book study travel around the world and locate them on maps/globes. We will compare now land use has changed over time and why.

As Historians we will ... Learn how the ancients Egyptians lived, focusing on the gods, Hieroglyphics, their buildings and structures and mummification. We will find out about the impact the ancient Egyptians had on life today.

As Mathematicians we will ... be carrying out our own statistical investigations and analysing data shown in tables and graphs. We will be aiming to improve the speed and accuracy of recalling the times tables to 12x, this will help us to solve a range of multiplication and division problems using larger numbers. Lastly, in measurement, we will measure and calculate the perimeter and area of shapes using standard units, and estimate the area of irregular shapes. When answering maths questions we are learning to explain our steps and answers using appropriate reasoning vocabulary.

As Artists and Designers we will ... be very creative! Improve our mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing and painting with a range of materials. We will also select from and use a wider range of tools and materials perform practical tasks accurately and creatively - including needlework and festive paper crafts.

In RE we will ... use four Bible stories from Genesis to explore questions of identity, mystery, family and giving thanks. We will be exploring some beliefs about God in the stories and in the Christian community.

As Scientists we will ... be looking at animals, including humans and describing the changes that occur as a species develops to old age.

As Responsible Citizens we will ... exploring the subject of identity, society and equality. We will discuss aspects and investigate the impact of stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice.

As Enterprising Learners we will ... be using our essential skills, especially creativity and teamwork, to produce items suitable for the Christmas Fayre. Together we will use the design process and consider the target audience.

We will celebrate our work ... celebrate our learning journey by presenting work on the school website, on Class Dojo and in our new, blue showcasing book.

Our Year 5 Parents Narrative - 2018/19 Autumn 2 is available to download.

The Year 5 Home Learning Menu - 2018/19 Autumn 2 is also available to download.

What are we learning? - Autumn 1 Term 2018/19

Witches and Wizards

As Readers we will ... be mainly reading the wonderful story, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We will be using other fiction texts to compare and contrast authors writing styles and non-fiction texts to locate facts about witchcraft through the ages.

As Mathematicians we will ... be looking at place value of numbers with more than four digits. We will also add and subtract using the column method. In our mental maths we will be counting forwards and backwards using different size steps.

As Artists and Designers we will ... learn about a range of landscape artists. We will discuss their work and compare the styles or media used and describe what we like and don't like about it. We will look at how they have used lines, texture, shading and colour to create our own pieces of art work (a landscape and still life of wings). We will participate in the 'The Young Imagineers Competition', planning and refining our ideas to produce a design for an item or concept provided by the organisers - Yet to be announced...

As Geographers we will ... develop our mapping skills: we will examine globes, use ICT /Google Earth, read atlases and interpret ordinance survey maps to accurately find and describe the location of West Melton. We will learn to use 8-point compass references and interpret symbols by using a key. We will locate and describe key physical characteristics of our region including natural and man-made landmarks to analyse how the land around us has been used.

As Historians we will ... learn about real people who were described as witches or wizards. We will examine how historical events are recorded and carry out research to find the evidence to answer our questions about witchcraft - Did we really have local witches? How were they treated? Where and when were the trials carried out? We will gain skills in how to use a timeline and using correct historical language.

As Writers we will ... be writing promotional leaflets to persuade a reader to visit a magical school and create engaging stories about beating a monstrous beast. We will also write class story during our trip to Grimm & Co. When writing we will try to use cursive and include a wider range of punctuation and sentence types.

As Scientists we will ... be studying materials and how they can change. We will look at reversible and irreversible reactions and how materials can react and change over time. We will pose a hypothesis, construct a series of fair tests, record our findings and communicate our conclusions using scientific language and formats.

We will celebrate our work ... on the school website, on Class Dojo and we will display our amazing artwork in our gallery!

Our Year 5 Parents Narrative - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is available to download.

The Year 5 Home Learning Menu - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is also available to download.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

The Y5s had a magical time at Grimm & Co, discovering many mysterious and intriguing things, inspiring them all to produce some amazing writing.