Class 2 - Mrs Foster

Welcome to Class 2!

Hello and welcome to Class 2! Our teachers are Mrs Foster and Mrs Shutt and we have a class full of enthusiastic, happy learners. We are looking forward to the best ever year in our Year 2 class, with lots of exciting learning to look forward to.

Reading: We love reading in our class, and it is really important that we all read as much as we can to help us widen our vocabulary and develop our fluency. We need to read at least three times a week and make sure we record it in our Learning Logs so that we can get as many reading prizes as possible.

Spelling: Every day we go to our RWInc groups and practise our reading and spelling. We have a spelling test on Fridays and we have our new spellings given out on that day too. The spellings are stuck into the Learning Logs so that they can be practised during the week.

Homework: There is also our Homework Grid which contains tasks linked to the current topic. The activities can be done at any time during the half term and we look forward to seeing how creative our year twos can be! Please don't forget to learn your spellings and practise your times tables too!

PE: We have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays but it's a good idea to bring PE kits in on Monday and leave them in school just in case. You never know, we might have an urge to do something extra during the week! We will have PE with a specialist teacher and learn lots of exciting new skills.

Home/school Reading Rewards

Here are our first Y2 pupils who are delighted to have achieved 5 full weeks of our home/school reading challenge, receiving their first prize.

Thanks to parents for their support with this.

They are all looking forwards to achieving their next prize.




What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2 2018/19


As Geographers we will ... look at our local environment using aerial maps and photographs. We will learn to use our noticing skills in the local environment and use this knowledge to design our own West Melton superhero!

As Historians we will ... look at how superheroes have changed from the past to now. We will look at some old comic strips and also compare toys from the (not too distant) past and think about how they have changed and why!

As Readers we will ... be comparing different books by the same author. We will be finding clues from the text to work out answers to questions and improve our comprehension skills.

As Scientists we will ... investigate, research and learn about forces and how they can work together and also against each other. We will be looking at how different matierals can be changed and how objects move on different surfaces.

As Artists and Designers we will ... be able to have a go at designing our own superhero! We will need to think carefully about the tools that they might need and be able to explain how these tools might work. Will look at some comic strip art and try and recreate a comic strip.

In RE we will ... be exploring how to say thank you for our beautiful world. We will look at the creation story and also different versions of this. We will also explore 'thanksgiving' and what that means in different religions. We will also think about the story behind Christmas and what the celebration really means.

As Mathematicians we will ... be learning about how to use our counting skills and link it to money. We will be finding amount of money and comparing the totals. We will alsl begin learning about multiplication and division by making equal groups and learning about arrays.

As Writers we will ... be working really hard to improve our spelling by using word banks accurately and by learning to spell our common exception words for year 2. We will be writing our own Superhero story and learning a creation story which will help us use similes in creative writing.

As Responsible Citizens we will ... think about what we can do to be a really good friend and be responsible for our own actions. We will also think about the effect our actions can have on others.

As Enterprising Learners we will ... create our own items to sell at the Enterprise Fair and see how much money we can raise! We will think about costs and profits and try and be good business people!

We will celebrate our learning by ... continuing to celebrate our work on Class Dojo and our class page on the website. We will continue to improve how we present ou work and take pride in our handwriting.

Our Year 2 Parents Narrative - 2018/19 Autumn 2 is available to download.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 1 2018/19

Where is West Melton?

As Geographers we will ... find out about our local environment and learn some vocabulary to describe the features of it. We will compare this local environment to an area which is completely different. We will also think about what has shaped the local environment and why it looks like it does.

As Mathematicians we will ... understand place value for numbers up to 100 and use this to help us solve problems. We will use equipment and pictures to help us understand what makes these numbers and begin to solve addition and subtraction problems. We will also look at shapes and their properties and find them in the local environment.

As Readers we will ... use our knowledge of our reading characters to understand more about what we are reading. We will develop our fluency of reading and consolidate our knowledge of phonics to help us decode words we are unsure of.

As Scientists we will ... explore materials that are used in the local environment and find out about their properties. We will become more familiar with the vocabulary used to describe materials and their properties.

As Writers we will ... learn stories and develop actions to them to embed the text in our heads, so that we can then innovate the story and write our own. We will also write a recount of our trip and a non-chronological report about West Melton, using the features accurately.

As Artists and Designers we will ... complete some observational drawings in the local environment. We will use different materials and also create some 3d models of local buildings.

As Responsible Citizens we will ... think about how we can look after our local environment. We will share our ideas and encourage other people to be responsible in the local environment.

As Enterprising Learners we will ... think about what we could grow in the local environment and how this could help us stay healthy.

We will celebrate our learning by ... sharing our work on Class Dojo and the school website for you all to see. We will share our learning in assembly and work really hard on presenting our work as well as we can.

Our Year 2 Parents Narrative - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is available to download.

The Year 2 Home Learning Menu - 2018/19 Autumn 1 is also available to download.

Our Autumn 1 Learning

The Y2s had a great day exploring Wentworth Woodhouse and finding out about the lives on Earl 'Billy' Fitzwilliam and his wife, Lady Maud. We also explored the village too.

The Y2 class using a story mountain to help us box up the story of Rumpelstiltskin ...