Class 4 – Mr Gunning

Welcome to Class 4! Hello, I’m Mr P Gunning and together with my teaching assistants, Miss V Brookes and Mrs C Griffin, we would like to welcome you to Year 4. We will work hard to provide a calm, positive and happy place to learn and grow.

try this I’m an experienced teacher who trained and taught in Birmingham before moving up to South Yorkshire. In my spare time I am involved with local sports clubs, including rugby union and cricket. I have two children who both love sport and gaming.

I have a passion for maths and word games. It is my goal to encourage the children of West Melton Primary to be curious about words and word play. I will also challenge pupils to raise the range of punctuation that they use during the course of the year. As the lead teacher for PE, I’m looking forward to seeing each member of the class develop their range of skills across the sporting curriculum and hopefully attend at least one after school club.

In Year 4, we are learning to be more independent learners by developing our resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness. As a team, will be helping each other to achieve these goals and together we will strive to learn with pride and happiness.

Reading books: Please help at home by listening to your child read at least 3 times a week. If this is recorded in their planner or on the window, children who read 3 times a week consistently can win prizes. Please remember – they have to be in it to win it!

Spellings: Spelling will be sent out each Friday in your childrens’ learning logs and will be tested the following Friday. Short, regular practices at home are most effective at boosting word knowledge and confidence.

Homework: This is in a menu format at the start of term for 6 weeks and will be presented, displayed and celebrated on return. Children need to complete 1 piece of homework from the menu each week.

PE: This term, school based PE is on a Friday and will require P.E kit to be worn. We will be swimming on a Tuesday or Thursday so the children must have the appropriate kit listed on the letter sent home at the end of last year.

Contacting me: I am nearly always available to talk to after school and if there are ever any issues, do not hesitate to ask. You can also message me via Class Dojo, student planner or by leaving a message at the office. I will endeavour to answer your questions promptly.


What are we learning? – Autumn 1 Term 2018/19

Vile Victorians

As Readers we will … be reading texts based on Victorian times. Our main book will be the wonderful story, Street Child by Berlie Doherty. In our group reading we will be using Project X to help us to become Expert Readers!

As Mathematicians we will … be looking at place value of numbers up to four digits. We will also add and subtract using column method. In our mental maths we will be counting forwards and backwards using different size steps.

As Geographers we will … look at the City of London to conduct an area study. We will look at key physical characteristics of London and try to understand how this important city has changed over time. We will also research and study the River Thames and how important this river is to the city.

As Historians we will … learn about jobs that poor Victorians did and compare these to rich Victorians. We will gain a knowledge of major inventions that happened in the Victorian era. During this half term we will investigate toys of the past and compare them with modern day toys. We will gain skills in how to use a timeline and using correct historical language.

As Writers we will … be writing letters and diary entries from a character’s point of view. We will also write a recount based on our school trip to Cusworth Hall. When writing we will try to include a wider range of punctuation and sentence types.

As Scientists we will … be studying electricity. We will look at appliances that use electricity in the home. We will construct a series of circuits, using switches. We will also investigate which materials conduct electricity.

As Artists and Designers we will … learn about the Victorian artist, William Morris. We will discuss his work and say what we like and don’t like about it. We will look at how he used colour and shape and design our own piece of art work in the same style. We will practice our colour mixing skills and learn new printing skills.

We will celebrate our work … on the school website and on Class Dojo and we will display our amazing artwork in our gallery!