Class 2 – Mrs Bettison and Mrs Oldroyd-Young

Welcome to Class 2!

revamp Hello and welcome to Class 2! Our teachers are cost of clomid without insurance Mrs Bettison and Mrs Oldroyd-Young, along with our teaching assistants Miss Silverwood and Miss Jones, and we have a class full of enthusiastic, happy learners. We are looking forward to the best ever year in our Year 2 class, with lots of exciting learning to look forward to. consolidate Reading: We love reading in our class, and it is really important that we all read as much as we can to help us widen our vocabulary and develop our fluency. We need to read at least three times a week and make sure we record it in our Learning Logs so that we can get as many reading prizes as possible.

published here Spelling: Every day we go to our RWInc groups and practise our reading and spelling. We have a spelling test on Fridays and we have our new spellings given out on that day too. The spellings are stuck into the Learning Logs so that they can be practised during the week.

buy modafinil legit Homework: There is also our Homework Grid which contains tasks linked to the current topic. The activities can be done at any time during the half term and we look forward to seeing how creative our year twos can be! Please don’t forget to learn your spellings and practise your times tables too!

PE: We have PE on prednisone uk Šµquip Mondays and theorize Tuesdays but it’s a good idea to bring PE kits in on Monday and leave them in school just in case. You never know, we might have an urge to do something extra during the week! We will have PE with a specialist teacher and learn lots of exciting new skills.