General Information

About our School

West Melton Primary School, opened in 1973, is situated in a residential part of Rotherham close to Wath-Upon-Dearne.

Our children are accommodated in a single storey building with seven classrooms at the present time. Our large hall provides plenty of space for assemblies, PE lessons and productions and we have a multi-purpose community room.

We have our own kitchens and kitchen staff and a separate area for dining. We currently have 174 pupils on roll.

Visits to Our School

We encourage prospective parents to visit our school. If you would like to arrange a visit to look around and see the school at work, please contact Mrs Haddrell in the school office to make an appointment.

We also arrange a number of events for parents and families throughout the year which we hope you will be able to attend.

Admissions to West Melton Primary School

In line with Local Authority policy, places at our school are allocated following receipt of parental preferences according to these criteria:

  • Children living in the school's designated catchment area
  • Children living outside the catchment area who have older siblings already on roll
  • Children who have a specific medical reason confirmed by a medical practitioner which the Local Authority is satisfied makes attendance at the school essential
  • Children with a compelling social reason which the Local Authority is satisfied makes attendance at the school essential

Further information can be obtained from the Local Authority.

Entry to school

Children can take up a part-time place (15hrs per week) in Foundation Stage One at the start of the school year following their 3rd birthday. They transfer full-time into Foundation Stage Two at the beginning of the Autumn term of the academic year in which they have their 5th birthday.

More information about our Foundation Stage provision is contained in our booklet 'Off to a Good Start' which is available to download or from the school.


At West Melton Primary we are committed to providing a fully accessible environment which values and includes all staff, pupils and parents regardless of their education, physical, sensory, spiritual, social, emotional and cultural needs.

We aim to promote positive attitudes in children, staff and parents so that all our children can fulfil their potential regardless of their age, gender, abilities, ethnic origin or cultural background.

Safety at School

We take your child's safety very seriously and have a wide range of measures in place.

We ask that parents adhere to the procedures for entry into the school premises and buildings. We also have strict procedures to follow regarding child protection, and work closely with Early Help, Social Care and other external agencies to ensure the personal safety and well-being of all our pupils.

Changes in the National Curriculum

In September 2014, the Government introduced a new National Curriculum, with a great deal of fresh content and ambitious expectations of learning. It is designed to provide children with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that they require as citizens of Great Britain.

In addition, the National Curriculum provides statutory programmes of study for each subject, stating which content which should be taught to pupils in each stage of learning.

Assessment - The manner in which schools assess learning has also changed dramatically. Levels have been removed . Partially this is due to a shift in perception about levels: that children should master the skills that they have been taught rather than merely racing through the curriculum without gaining a secure understanding of what they have learnt.

Statutory Assessments will continue to be prescribed, however, schools are free to assess the skills acquired in each subject, at each stage of learning, in whatever manner they deem appropriate.

By the time children leave West Melton Primary school, they are 'Secondary ready'. In other words, that they are equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding required for their next stage of learning when they leave our school.

The Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum - As a result, we have chosen to follow the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum which sets out essential coverage, learning objectives and standards which are required for all subjects. Furthermore, it provides progress measures for all subjects including personal development.

One of the primary reasons why we have chosen to adopt this curriculum is because it emphasises the importance of developing the depth of children's learning. In essence, this means providing children with increased cognitive challenge, allowing them to apply the skills which they have learnt independently in a range of contexts rather than moving them onto the next skill needlessly when they have not truly mastered it. Such thinking is encapsulated in the scenario below:

At West Melton Primary, we want to challenge our children to become independent, well-round individuals who take ownership of their learning and become deep thinkers. Moreover, we want our children to be able to apply their knowledge and skill set in a range of contexts within school and real life.

In the document below, you'll find expectations for the new curriculum for each year group.

~ The new national curriculum in English Primary schools - A guide for parents

Our Approaches to Teaching

The following downloadable documents explain how we approach teaching at West Melton Primary:

~ Teaching & Learning Policy 2016-17

~ Assessment Policy 2016-17

~ Marking & Feedback Policy

~ Science Policy

UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award

We have achieved the Level 1 Award as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.

A rights-respecting school not only teaches about children's rights but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between teachers / adults and pupils, between adults and between pupils.

More information can be found on this downloadable UNICEF leaflet and also on the UNICEF website and if you'd like to see what is involved in achieving the Level 1 award, you can download our Assessment Report.

We encourage prospective parents to visit our school.

If you would like to arrange a visit to look around and see the school at work, please contact Mrs Haddrell in the school office to make an appointment.

Tel: 01709 760538

The School Day

KS am pm
FS 1 8.30am - 11.30am 12.00pm - 3.00pm
FS 2 - Y6 8.45am - 12.00pm 1.00pm - 3.05pm

Further information. . .

. . . about our school can be found in our Prospectus which is available to download.