News Gallery 2015/16

Sarah Luty - Memorial Tree Planting

A moving ceremony was held on school grounds, where a tree was planted by pupils, Drew and Ashton Luty, in memory of their mum Sarah Luty who sadly passed away in May. She was a much loved member of the community and a school governor for a short amount of time too.

The boys did a fantastic job of planting the tree and read a remembrance poem afterwards. As the tree blossoms we will be reminded of the bright, beautiful and proud person that Sarah was.

2016 Y6 Prom

Here are the Y6 in their finery for the Summer Prom.

They all looked lovely and very grown up! A great time was had by all.

2016 Awards - Roll of Honour

2016 Awards Asssembly

We had a fantastic turn out of parents and much to celebrate! Awards were given to students and citizens or the year and for outstanding contribution to school, outstanding citizen and outstanding creativity awards.

Group awards included, 100% achievement, 41 Home/reading awards compared to 33 last year, rights respecting role model awards, student council, KS1/2 sports awards, choir, who opened up the assembly beautifully and dance certificates and Y6 leavers presents.

This year we also celebrated winning the Y5 Roscars award for their fantastic film, success at the Shakespeare festival, winners of the KS1 hoopla competition, first place achievement in the Hi Five Netball completion too. An Outstanding Staff Contribution Award was given to Mrs Harper for her commitment of 31 years at West Melton.

We are very proud of all our children.

Shakespeare Festival

The Shakespeare Festival was held at Magna and our pupils did us proud with fantastic, successful performances in 'Romeo and Juliet'.

KS1 Sports Day

For our KS1 Sports Day, we split into mixed year group teams - FS1, FS2, Y1 and Y2 together. Parents came and watched.

We moved around the games until each team had completed all the games. We did hockey dribbling, basketball shooting, relay, space hoppers, hurdles and many more. We all had a great time.

When it was done we all had an ice lolly while certificates were handed out.

Award Nomination for Y5 Space Video

Have a look at the amazing video that the Y5 children have produced at their visit to the CLC. It has been entered and nominated for an award at the ROSCARS - Rotherham's version of the OSCARS.

The children and staff are looking forward to getting dressed up in their finery for a glamorous evening. We are very proud of our future film directors.

Wath May Day Festival

West Melton dance troop proudly participated for the second time in the Wath May Day festivities in the town centre, bringing colour and energy to a rainy day.

The children once again performed very well, entertaining the crows with their Beatles medley; we even managed to hold the rain off - for a little while anyway!

Having Fun at West Melton Primary

These children enjoyed getting creative and having fun at school.

Movement Evening at Wath Comprehensive School.

The theme for the recent Movement Evening at Wath Comprehensive School was 'Through the Decades' - and we had the swinging sixties.

Y4, 5 and 6 pupils performed an energetic dance to a Beatles disco medley - using all the styles and moves from that era. They were fantastic on the night too. Very proud of them all.

Year 1 and 2 at the Institute of Sport

Year 1 and 2 went to the Institute of Sport and took part in a day of many different activities. We all had a great time. Some of us were so tired we fell asleep on the bus home!

World Book Day

We had lots of fun moving around school being 'Creative about books.' Everyone produced some lovely work and we ended the day by inviting parents to come and take part.


A new literacy initiative called Pobble is being championed by everyone here at West Melton Primary School. It has gained support from teachers and world famous authors alike and now boasts over 30,000 pieces of written work from more than 100 countries.

The initiative, which aims to increase imagination and motivation in children, comes after statistics showed that positive feedback is the best way to motivate children to produce better work.

Pobble is based on the idea of an online classroom wall, whereby teachers are able to share and showcase children's work. The prospect of our children's work being published on a global platform - is an exciting one and so motivating.

On our launch day Y6 and Y2 pupils had the opportunity to do some fantastic writing and all enjoyed and were extremely proud of what they had achieved.

If parents send their email addresses to school, they can be instantly alerted when their child's work is celebrated and have the chance to see this too.

Further information can be found in our Pobble Introduction letter that was sent home with all our pupils.

Christmas Tree Festival

Although we were unable to enter this festival this year, we were once again extremely proud of our choir who opened the event . Their angelic voices filled Brampton Church with their version of 'Love shone down'. It was an beautiful and emotional performance.

KS1 Nativity

Key Stage 1 pupils performed 'The Innkeepers Breakfast' for this year's Nativity.

Everyone performed their part well and we were proud of them all.